You've come to the right place!


You've come to the right place.  You are just a couple of steps away from becoming one of a select few that enjoy the benefits of our Members Only Travel Website.

The instructions below step you through the  process of validating your activation code so that you can acquire the credentials to log into the actual  site.

How to Sign up for the Members Only Travel Site


If you have not already been provided with an Activation Code, use this one. Activation Codes have an expiration date.  The code above expires June 30, 2020.


Go to and enter your promotion code in the box provided. Continue to fill out the required information.

You will be given a username and password.  It is very important to record these so write them down or take a screen shot.  You will not need to return to this website ever again

Enjoy the Members Only Website

Go to  Use the username and password from the previous step to gain access.  Begin browsing around for upcoming trips to see the savings you are going to have.