Frequently Asked Questions


What is rate parity?

Rate Parity is the term used to describe the result of competition in the market place.  For all providers of a good or service, competition tends to bring prices into alignment. This occurs in the travel industry due to the nature of the ownership of most online travel sites.  Two large companies own most of the online travel market.  Expedia Group ( owner of Travelocity, Expedia,, Hotwire and Travago among others) and Booking Holdings ( owner of, Agoda, Kayak, and Priceline and others).  So the prices they set are the prices everyone pays.

Each online site caters to a particular demographic but they are not actually competing with each other.  Comparisons between these sites rarely show significant price differences. All these public facing sites tend to have the same prices.

To get a better deal, you have to go behind the curtain and find the wholesale prices.  This is where our Members Only site comes in.   By requiring a membership and a password to access , we are out of the public eye.


Why do I have to log into the site?

By logging into a private Members Only Site, you are behind a "wall" that separates you from the general public.  Public sites are subject to rate parity.  The private site is not.


Do you book group travel?

Yes and No! 

The private site is designed for personal and family travel.  You cannot easily book a large number of people on it.

However, we are associated with a group of highly experienced  and talented travel advisors. We can refer your group trip to them for any size group. 


Is this site really free?

ABSOLUTELY!  Once you have secured your login credentials, you are permanent members.  You will never pay any membership fees.  We have that taken care of with our relationship with the website owner.